TanaMe™ Universal®

All Communication Channels Connected

From within the TanaMe™ SMS or TanaMe™ IM modules you can Link to Phonebook Contacts. This creates a link so that you may communicate with your Contact via Call, SMS, Chat or eMail. You can also access the TanaMe™ Universal services straight from the FaceTags on the main menu page..

User Review

  • Hav it all. No need to hav lots of diff apps. TanaMe seem to have put it all nicely together. Love it love it ...

    – Talon Schmidt
  • I can call long distance and talk for ever! So, so low rates. And the quality is excellent. Keep it up TanaMe.

    – Ole George
  • TanaMe gives me all the apps I normally use but bundled up into one neat package. Awesome, love it ...

    – Megan Lowe
  • Only app that has free instant messenger + mail + sms and FREE CALLS!!!. All in one package! And it works well.

    – McKenzie Meadows
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